3M's Discrimination in Aberdeen - Exposing Injustice


You don’t have to take our word for it. We have the proof. 

3M Discrimination Recordings

All of the recordings included here are from real conversations between victims at the 3M Aberdeen plant and 3M management.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, even more sensational evidence is on the way.

3M Blames Victims of Harassment

If you’re a victim of harassment at 3M, if you’re being called terrible things daily, if your safety is threatened, it’s your fault.
That’s the stance taken by 3M Management.

He’s Not Calling You That Every Night

Listen to 3M management excuse their employees using racial slurs towards one of the victims in this case. Is “He’s not calling you that every night” an acceptable response?

3M Doesn’t Want to Talk About Discrimination

3M management doesn’t want you to talk about discrimination and harassment at their plant, they don’t want you to report problems, they’d rather you shut up and go away.

3M Doesn’t Want to Hear About Problems

If you try to let 3M Management know you’re still being harassed and threatened after they “took care of the problem” the response is to shout in your face.

3M Discrimination Images

3M managment holds zero respect for the human beings who work in their Aberdeen plant. In addition to protecting and even encouraging those who harass and discriminate against others, 3M management actively participates in the process.

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3M Manager Posts Barely Disguised Racial Attack in Work Logs

This is an image from an actual 3M system entry visible to any employee from those on the plant floor to the top levels of the corporate office. Note the use of the term “lazy” which not only has been historically used to attack people of color and minorities, but also is habitually used in the 3M Aberdeen plant in reference to individuals of Native American descent. 

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3M Management Forces Black Employee to Clean on Hands and Knees then Humiliates Them with “Award” 

Minority employees at 3M were dehumanized with tasks like scrubbing the stairs on their hands and knees despite working for an industry leader in sanitary tools and technology which had cleaning machines available for use on site. After a black employee was forced to scrub on their hands and knees for months because 3M would not train them on use of the cleaning equipment, 3M management undoubtedly found it funny to publish this “award”, which as you’ll note, doesn’t even bother to capitalize the contents, for everyone at the Aberdeen plant to see.